More flower, less power

LED lighting technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few decades. As the technology has progressed, so have grower’s expectations on performance. With a full-bodied PAR spectrum output and a high total output, the DAYLIGHT 100W LED Grow Light ensures growing with LEDs will impress even the most staunch HPS supporter.


This single 100W DAYLIGHT LED bar is a slim-line, stand-alone unit, which makes for an easy addition as a supplemental light to an existing LED set up, or even amongst traditional HID set-ups. With a total output of 263 μmol/s, it will help to boost the light in any grow room.

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  • Total output: 263 μmol/s
    Overall fixture efficiency: 2.63 μmol/J

  • Lumileds white (2.7 μmol/J) and Osram red (3.9 μmol/J) chips: The best of the best.

  • 1 bar system with external driver

  • Full-spectrum: Full-bodied, enhanced red spectrum improves plant growth and flowers.

  • Silent running: No fans or moving parts.

  • Use for propagation, or with DAYLIGHT LED fixtures for additional light

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