More flower, less power

DAYLIGHT Power Packs come in ranges to suit all growers of every budget.
From the humble Compact DAYLIGHT 315W Power Pack catering for the more price conscious of growers, to the Digital DAYLIGHT 315W iLink Power Pack giving the ability to combine with fully controllable LED lighting systems, such as the DAYLIGHT LED series of grow lights.

DAYLIGHT 315W Digital

DAYLIGHT 315W Digital Power Packs provide the ultimate in quality, versatility and affordability when it comes to CMH technology in your grow room.  Powering the lamps with undeniably superior square wave technology, DAYLIGHT power packs are built to last and give a consistently high Total Light output from your DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamps.

  • Specifically designed to run DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamps at optimal performance.

  • Low-frequency square wave ballast – accept no imitations!

  • Small, lightweight, and silent running.

  • Soft start technology prolongs lamp-life, giving you the most from your lamps.

  • End of lamp-life detection avoids any interruptions to your regular light programme.

  • Short circuit protection: fail-safe for your protection.

Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Standard Ballast Profile

Also available in iLink…


The DAYLIGHT 315W iLink Power Pack gives the ability to integrate CMH technology with HPS grow lights. Combining the units with, for example, the Revolution DEva controller and HPS grow lights, the DAYLIGHT 315W iLink connects directly to the controller with the iLink port. Up to 512 fixtures can be operated from just one controller by connecting each power pack in series using the supplied iLink cables.

The DAYLIGHT 315W iLink Power Pack can also be used independently like a more traditional power pack, without connection to a Revolution RLC-1 controller, future-proofing you from technical upgrades down the line.

DAYLIGHT 315 iLink Power Pack

DAYLIGHT 315W Compact

The DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Power Pack is a fantastic option for the more price conscious grower, whilst still offering the high performance you would expect from DAYLIGHT technology. Powering your DAYLIGHT lamps with a low frequency signal from the precision wound, traditional magnetic ballast the DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Power Pack gives a great performance at a modest price-point.

  • Whisper quiet, silent operation. Peace of mind guaranteed.

  • Precision wound ballast, perfectly manufactured for superior performance.

  • Functional and versatile. Wall-mountable heavy-duty case with carry handle.

  • Low-frequency signal, designed to optimally power DAYLIGHT lamps.

  • Cool running.

  • Entry-level 315W power pack – the perfect introduction to CMH lighting.

DAYLIGHT 315W Compact Power Pack


Following on from the success of the DAYLIGHT Compact 315W power pack, popular demand has seen it evolve into the robust form of a metal vented iPac – once again putting the realms of super-efficient CMH lamps into the hands of the every-day grower. With all the safety features and reliability that iPac power packs are renowned for and a low frequency output to get the most from your DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamps. Affordable and reliable 315W CMH kits are no longer the stuff of legend thanks to the DAYLIGHT magnetic power packs.

DAYLIGHT 315W iPac magnetic power pack