DAYLIGHT 315W Adaptor

In the event that you are already more than happy with your existing reflector and fancy seeing how it would fair being upgraded to house a CMH lamp, our handy little DAYLIGHT PGZ adaptor makes it a breeze to convert any HID reflector to full-spectrum lighting.

With an exceptional build quality, being made purely from ceramic and metal components (no plastic parts), it provides a super sturdy option to make sure your DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamp is housed at the perfect angle in its new reflector.

Maxibright DAYLIGHT PGZ18 to E40 Adaptor Angle
Maxibright DAYLIGHT PGZ18 to E40 Adaptor End 2
Maxibright DAYLIGHT PGZ18 to E40 Adaptor Side
Maxibright DAYLIGHT PGZ18 to E40 Adaptor End 1

DAYLIGHT iLink Data Cable for LED Lighting Fixtures

For use with 660W and 480W LED Lighting Systems (Excluding DAYLIGHT 660W LED (2019)).

Link up to 100 LED units with ease, and control via the DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller.

DAYLIGHT 3m Extension Cable for Reflectors

If you are unsure of whether you want to go for the Remote or Connect versions of the DAYLIGHT Horizon or Focus reflector, we have a simple solution for you. If you would rather keep the heat of your power packs outside of your growroom, or simply find it more visually pleasing that way, it couldn’t be easier to make the switch.

Make use of our 3 metre extension cable, when your grow room requires some distance between the power pack and reflector.