More flower, less power

DAYLIGHT Power Packs come in ranges to suit all growers of every budget.
From the humble Compact DAYLIGHT 315W and 600W Power Packs catering for the more price conscious growers, to the Digital DAYLIGHT 315W iLink Power Pack giving the ability to combine with fully controllable LED lighting systems, such as the DAYLIGHT LED series of grow lights.

DAYLIGHT 315W Power packs

DAYLIGHT 315W Digital Power Packs provide the ultimate in quality, versatility and affordability when it comes to CMH technology in your grow room.  DAYLIGHT 315W Power Packs are built to last and give a consistently high Total Light output from your DAYLIGHT 315W CMH lamps.

DAYLIGHT 315W Power Packs
Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Standard Ballast Profile

DAYLIGHT 600W Power Pack

Tuned and developed specifically to power the DAYLIGHT 600W Ceramic Metal Halide light, our DAYLIGHT iPac 600W power pack is an affordable way to seamlessly replace the limited spectrum of a traditional 600W High Pressure Sodium lamps.

DAYLIGHT 600W Power Pack
DAYLIGHT 315W iPac magnetic power pack