More flower, less power

The closest quality of light you can get to growing under the sun itself. Intense development over countless years has led to an incredible Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and exceptionally high total PAR output (PPF) from the DAYLIGHT 315W 3K & 4K CMH lamps.

DAYLIGHT 315W 3K & 4K CMH Lamps

DAYLIGHT is proud to plant its stake in the ground by introducing the best performing 315W CMH lamps to the hydroponic market, tuned specifically to work with DAYLIGHT Power Packs. Delivering a leading photon efficiency of 2µmol/J, the real key to their success being the finely tuned spectrum of light they emit.

Through focusing on enhancing the regions surrounding the blue and red sections of PAR wavelengths, a beautiful full-spectrum of light is created. The intent being to support a strong generative growth and a robust flowering period.

  • Improves plant morphology. Enhances shape and structure for a higher quality yield.

  • Excellent for both standalone and supplemental lighting.

  • Increases production of essential oils, flavenoids and terpenes.

  • Preferential internode structure; Increases number of flowering sites.

  • DAYLIGHT 315W 4K lamp – enhances generative growth structure.

  • DAYLIGHT 315W 3K lamp – encourages exceptional generative production.


Full spectrum, intense output CMH lamp.

The DAYLIGHT 315W 3K lamp has been specifically developed to provide an enhanced spectrum of light within the red wavelengths. Ideal for promoting a vigorous flowering period, DAYLIGHT CMH lamps offer the highest PAR output (PPF) possible, whilst maintaining the fully-balanced spectrum they are known and loved for.


Intense output with an enhanced, full spectrum: 92% CRI. A total PPF of 630 µmol/s, giving a lamp efficiency of 2.0 µmol/J.


10% increased blue light (400-496nm) and 8% increased red light (620-750nm), when compared to previous market leaders.


Energy efficient: high PAR output per Watt. Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced red for optimal flowering.


Amazing CRI (95%), full spectrum and high output CMH lamp.

The chemistry inside the DAYLIGHT 315W 4K lamp has been developed to provide an exceptionally high Colour Rendering Index. While maintaining a full, broad-spectrum, the entire output heavily towards the blue end of the light spectrum. This promotes a vigorous generative period, leading to a vastly improved plant structure in preparation for an explosive flowering cycle.


Full spectrum high PAR output (550 µmol/s), with the highest Colour Rendering Index to be found on the market (95%).


23% increased blue light (400-496nm) and 14% increased red light (620-750nm), when compared to previous market leaders.


Energy efficient: high PAR output per Watt. Improved balanced spectrum with enhanced blue region for outstanding generative growth.


Full spectrum, intense output 600W CMH lamp.

The DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamp brings the power of full spectrum growing right to your finger-tips. The DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamp comes with a familiar E40 screw fitting, ready to integrate exclusively into our DAYLIGHT 600W iPac power pack.

With an efficiency of 1.6 µmol/J and an enhanced red, full PAR spectrum, there is literally no easier way to increase quality or improve plant structure and yield than with a quick switch of your lamp to the DAYLIGHT 600W CMH.

  • True 600W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp

  • Enhanced red, full PAR spectrum – ideal for full term growth.

  • Compatible with traditional 600W magnetic power packs.

  • Familiar E40 screw fitting.

  • High photon efficiency – 1.6 µmol/J.

  • Increases flavenoids and terpene content of essential oils.