DAYLIGHT Single Reflector

Single 315W CMH Reflector

The DAYLIGHT single reflector is equipped to house a single 315W DAYLIGHT CMH lamp. The wide-angled, double-parabolic reflector provides a highly uniform coverage of light over a reasonably wide area. A great option for supplementing medium-sized grow rooms or solely lighting a more modestly sized canopy.


An adaptation of the popular Supernova HPS reflector built from highly reflective anodised aluminium.


Produces a modestly wide and uniform footprint of light. Great choice for supplementing medium sized HPS grow rooms. Sturdy PGZ lamp holder.


Dimensions: 490mm(L) x 440mm(W) x 220mm(H). Weight: 2kg

Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Single Angle
Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Single Above
Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Single Below
Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 Single End 1